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About the Coalition

The Coalition is working to ensure a predictable framework for medical treatment, when such treatment is available. We believe this contributes to improving the quality of life and health of patients with rare diseases.

The political work of the Coalition

The Coalition works politically to highlight how framework and measures can improve care for patients with rare diseases. You can read more about our policy issues and contributions here.

What are rare diseases?

The national strategy for rare diagnoses defines as rare diseases diagnoses that occur in fewer than approximately 2700 individuals - or 1 per 2000 inhabitants in Norway.

Relevant cases in the media

The Coalition is working to raise the visibility of rare diseases. Click below for an overview of relevant media coverage.


Here you can find an overview of events related to rare diseases.

FrP: must make it easier for rare people to get treatment

FrP, represented by Bård Hoksrud, submitted a proposal on 08.03. 2023 proposal to make it easier for people with rare diseases to...

Rare Disease Days 2023

Rare Disease Day is held on 29 February every year worldwide and is added to 28 February when it

The Coalition participated in the public consultation on the State Budget 2023

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the hearing. I, Kristin Mesteig and my colleague Bjørn-Kristian Svends...

The coalition's input to the State Budget for 2023

The Coalition for Rare Diseases (the Coalition) refers to the Parliament's website and the invitation to...

Input to the National Health and Care Coordination Plan

The Coalition for Rare Diseases (the Coalition) thanks you for the opportunity to provide input to the...

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