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UCB joins the Coalition

    The Coalition for Rare Diseases is strengthening its work with UCB as a new partner in its efforts to improve the quality of life and health of patients with rare diseases. The Coalition for Rare Diseases thus goes from 4 to 5 biotech companies and joins... Read more "UCB joins the Coalition

    FrP: must make it easier for rare people to get treatment

      FrP, represented by Bård Hoksrud, submitted a proposal on 08.03. 2023 proposal to make it easier for people with rare diseases in Norway to access good and effective treatment.
      In brief, the proposal is based on:
      - A national funding scheme
      - Rarity as a separate criterion
      - Ensure rapid access to new and available medicines for patients with rare diagnoses

      Rare Disease Days 2023

        Rare Disease Day is held on 29 February every year worldwide and is added to 28 February when it is not a leap year. In Norway, FFO has an event to mark the day and bring together those affected either as patients or... Read more "Sjeldendagen 2023